Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Diamond listings for September 

Usually I don't pay too too much attention to the Diamond sales charts, but a couple of things seemed interesting to me this month.

With CrossGen still having issues, Tokyopop is a hairs width from overtaking it in dollar shares. 2.66 versus 2.65. Unless CrossGen jumps way up, I'd say Tokyopop will be ahead next month. No small feat considering how much weaker manga is in the direct market than bookstores.

On the graphic novel section, I was surprised to see Gravitation make it in at 45th place! Is this the first case of a GN whose main protagonists are gay being in the top 50 GN list?

Between Power Puff Girls, Kare Kano, Mars, Kodocha, Courtney Crumbin, Gravitation, and Peach Girl, that's quite a lot titles targeting girls in the direct market. Adding to that Escaflowne and Zero Girl FC, which both female protagonists that aren't just sex objects, and things are looking pretty good, at least for graphic novels.

It was nice to see Elf Quest near the top at 7th place, but does this mean the new GNs are already out? I haven't seen it at any Media Play yet, but I guess I'll have to check B&N and Waldenbooks to see if they have it. If DC doesn't make a big push with this in bookstores, then they are really missing the boat...

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