Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Publisher's Weekly articles 

A new article about Selling Graphic Novels to Retailers was just posted and has quite a lot of good information that I haven't found in other places regarding bookstores and publishers.

They also list the 15 top-selling GNs of 2003. Nine from Tokyopop (one in conjunction with Disney), three DC/Vertigo titles, two from Viz, and one Marvel. I was surprised that Kim Possible was actually in third place, and that a full *6* of the Chobits volumes were on the list. Death at Death's Door was also surprisingly high. I guess I'll have to check out Wolverine Origins at some point, as it is the only Marvel to make the list...

PW also had a very nice article a couple of months ago about this year's BookExpo: Comics Create Big Buzz at BEA. Lots of good information there on how things are quickly changing, especially in bookstores and libraries.

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