Thursday, October 02, 2003

Still Alive! 

Yikes.. I haven't posted anything for several days now. Yesterday was my sickest day, but I think I'm over the main hump of it now. Today is the last day of one of my coworkers at work before he goes to another job, so things are pretty hectic lately.

My next entry (hopefully later today) will review some of the movies and comics I've just seen/read. I've had a chance to see some really good stuff lately, so hopefully that'll turn out to be interesting.

In the meantime, I couldn't help but do another rant about the expansion of manga in bookstores on this thread.

Speaking of manga expansion, I was at my local Media Play (Suncoast) yesterday due to them sending us notice that our Replay account would be renewed for free (after we decided it wasn't worth it earlier this year). Since we needed to do a purchase to activate it, and we'd get a $5 credit, thought we may as well. I forgot that it was a new month, so I picked up NewType USA (I'll give some info. on what comic/manga info. was in this month's issue later on). What really surprised me, though (but perhaps it shouldn't at this point) was that the comic section was doubled. Instead of two bookcases, it is now four!

It seems a lot less cramped now, and I'm really liking the variety of titles. I saw several things I hadn't seen before like Raijin titles (Slam Dunk, Fist of the Bly Sky, First President of Japan and City Hunter), Blue Monday, lots of Transformers, some Tank Girl, lots of marvel stuff, the new Jump GNs, etc. They also had some impressive entire runs like 1-13 of GTO and probably the whole series of Love Hina. Some of the old series that have been rereleased like Ranma 1/2 seem to be turning over well, also...

I was quite impressed with the variety and ended up buying X-Day and Tuxedo Gin. I almost got Slam Dunk instead of one of those two, but decided to wait on it until next time. I'll let you know how these two are after I read them...

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