Sunday, October 26, 2003

Various threads... 

Well, I'm always looking around the various boards for interesting topics. The last couple of days have produced some interesting ones:

I think comics should go back to their roots Rugal starts this thread to talk about the trend of more "mature" comics and how it may be leaving kids out of the loop. From there the thread takes off and goes in many directions (even into american creators from manga companies), with lots of good comments from different people. Be sure to check this thread out.

Do you buy trades? Vince, who is now living in Japan, talks about how being in another country has changed his perspective on things and how that (along with shipping costs) has encouraged him to buy more TPBs. A surprising number of other people chime in to say that they've finally decided to forsake monthlies for GNs. Considering that this is on a Marvel forum, I think it really show show opinions are changing. I have pretty much given up on monthlies myself (besides Shonen Jump), so I can defininitely sympathize with people trying to make up their minds...

No Tsunami after all??? Check out the comments from ManchesterTrix:

Better to talk to Marvel than keeping your fingers crossed. They've said that the article was inaccurate and there won't be any trades in the forseeable future and there are no final plans as to producing the Tsunami stuff in any format.

Then after I asked how he heard that:

I learned of it from the retailing community where one of the retailers had a discussion with Dan Buckley, the new Publisher at Marvel. There are currently no plans for trades but they are looking at other formats. I'd link it but it's not an open forum. But I was told it was okay to pass along the info.

This doesn't sound so good, but I guess I'll keep waiting until Marvel actually decides to make some sort of public statment on the issue. Marvel should take notice from the big outpouring of people that were breathing a sigh of relief from the Publisher's Weekly article to see that there really is support from fans for these volumes, and a good possibility that they'd do even better in bookstores...

I've asked if there are any bookstore employees that can check listings on this thread, so I guess I'll see if anyone responds there...

why is the tsunami line not manga General talk about the Tsunami titles and how they relate or don't relate to manga.

No Demo Trade? Larry Young and Brian Wood discuss the fact that the new series Demo will not have a TPB unless sales of the monthly are good, and that they fear it won't happen at all due to everyone saying they'll "wait for the trade." Personally, I think that is the wrong way to go and put in my two cents on the forum. (link courtesy ADD)

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