Thursday, November 06, 2003

Anime Network's marketing... 

You know, one thing I am usually pretty impressed with in regards to the anime and manga companies is efforts put toward marketing which actually tend to be well done. Here's another example, which is pretty interesting. ADV has a network devoted to anime that is set up in some areas but is still in the early stages of growth. A lot of channels tell you to go bug your local cable station, but they are doing something I've never seen before.

Check out this page. Basically you put in your zip code, choose your cable provider, and they generate a form letter and give you some options. They'll e-mail it for you, fax it for you, or you can print it out and mail it yourself. Not only that, but they actually have weekly prizes for people that do this.

Quite a lot of people are just lazy (I'm no exception), and something like this was certainly enough to get me to do the e-mail and fax options. It almost smacks of buying off people to help with their own marketing, but they do give an option to enter the contest while not contacting the cable company.

Between opt-in e-mail newsletters, ads in NewType USA, etc. ADV is certainly no slouch in the marketing department...

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