Saturday, November 08, 2003

DVD invasion from Ziiiiiiim! 

In some of the better news I've heard in a while, Invader Zim is coming to DVD in the spring of 2004. Interestingly enough, it will be released by Media Blasters through their AnimeWorks label. It sounds like there will be three double-disc sets and also a LE boxset. This seems like further proof to me that the asian media companies are growing larger and also tend to be more in touch with popular opinion. John Sirabella has this to say:

"Zim has created quite a fan buzz in the anime community and we know that it will be a huge sensation"

It sounds like this will be a well-done release, so I'm really happy. I still haven't seen every episode of the series, so I'll definitely have to pick these up when they start to come out. =)

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