Monday, November 17, 2003

Girls bolster Borders... 

TIME has a new article up about GNs (thanks Dirk). It is a well done article, mostly about various GNs out there. However, there is a really interesting paragraph near the end:

Something seems to be working because graphic novels have finally reached a point of critical mass in both popular consciousness and sales. Jim King, VP of Sales and Service at Nielsen Bookscan, a book sales monitoring service, says that, based on preliminary research, sales for graphic novels have increased "exponentially." Micha Hershman at Borders confirms the trend, saying, "over the last four years graphic novels have shown the largest percentage of growth in sales over any other book category." English-translated Japanese comics, or manga, are chiefly responsible for this growth, according to Hershman. More specifically, manga aimed at girls, called shojo, have exploded. "Superheroes are up a little," says Hershman, " Alternative comics are up a little. But 60% of all Border's graphic novel sales are shojo."

Look at that last line again. Borders says that 60% of all the GNs they sell is manga targetted at girls! Talk about girl power...

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