Friday, November 21, 2003

Magnatune has stats... 

Well, seems that I spoke too soon when I said yesterday that Magnatune didn't have any charts. It could stand to be a bit more prominant, but there are stats here. It seems like there are 75 artists and 145 albums total. Besides things you'd expect like best-selling by various categories and time-tables, they have a cool stat which shows which albums have sold for the highest average price. As people can choose their rate, that is pretty helpful. Maybe a kind of music like the harpsicord has less fans, but if each of them think the album is worth $13 as opposed to $5, then it is probably of good quality.

From hanging around their forums, it looks like they are adding new stuff all the time, which is pretty nice. Another new thing is that each artist page gives recommendations to other artists that the same people tended to buy. They are also putting up pdf files of album covers for downloading and printing.

Lastly, in regards to CDs on demand that mp3.com did, they say they have no interest in that at all. I can't say as I blame them, really. It seems like that whole process could be expensive and fraught with problems. With the current setup, it seems like most of their overhead is bandwith, which should hopefully be taken care of by the 50% of sales they are getting. It seems like a solid model to me..

BTW, check out Shive in Exile. Some really interesting mixes of electronica with Indian/middle eastern/even Japanese sounds. Lots of interesting tunes on the album...

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