Tuesday, November 04, 2003

A Modern Myth... 

Well, that Bob Layton article keeps on chugging along, and while I keep coming to defence of bookstores, I still really like comic shops when they are done well and couldn't help mentioning Modern Myths again.

Alan mentions that MM's owner Jim Crocker has a blog and it has just started to be updated again. Big props to Jim for mentioning Planetes, a very well-done realistic sci-fi manga (it is a weird sense of deja vu actually, because I bought the first volume from him and I remember him mentioning that it had looked good). It seems like he also listens to Shonen Knife, which is always a good thing.

BTW, Alan also reviewed the shop a while back and I agree 100%. The sheer volume of TPBs in this shop is overwhelming, the kid's section is great, it is laid out very well, etc. If I didn't live a half-hour away, I'd probably be in there every other day. As it is, the trek is always worth it. Keep up the good work Jim!

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