Thursday, November 13, 2003

Peach Fuzz Conquers Rising Stars... 

Well, I just discovered Comic World News (I think from a poster on John's blog), and found this interview with Lindsay Cibos, the winner of the second round of Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga anthology.

Can you guess what the winning entry would be about? Giant robots? Angsty teen romance? Nope nope... It is about a little girl and her pet ferret! It turns out that Lindsay has owned ferrets for a while now, and has channeled the experiences into a cute funny little comic. You can check out the first 7 pages of the comic on here website here. It starts out simply, but I have to say I was sold by the end (cherry on top!). =)

I have to say that she and Jared Hodges have some really nice artwork on the site (the fashion images are pretty interesting too) and several pages from another comic about Aries. It seems like they are currently discussing the prospects of a full-length graphic novel of Peach Fuzz with Tokyopop (as the winner is able to do), which would be really cool if it works out. We need more stories like this for kids out there. Not everything has to be a big epic adventure...

For those that missed my earlier mention, the Journal News published this article a while back profiling one of the other winners, Tania del Rio. So far, we have a girl and a ferret and a girl on a rafting trip in the Rocky Mountains. I have to say I'm happy with the direction that volume 2 of RSoM seems to be going in.

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