Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Thanks Dirk... 

Dirk has some kind words about my anime and manga knowledge, prompted by my Still Alive post... I just want to give a clarification, since reading back on it now, I wasn't all that clear (it was pretty late when I wrote it..heh). What Dirk is saying is actually what brought up the post in the first place. I was thinking of when people petitioned me to start a blog and why. I guess I just want to try to keep in mind that it is knowledge and opinions that people are probably going to look here for, and so I shouldn't get too caught up just pasting in 50 links with a little paragraph comment on it. I want to focus a little less on trying to stay current on news bites and do a bit more of editorial things. Dirk's long 3-part bookstore posts were really interesting, Sean's horror movie reviews were very informative, and John's Shonen Jump Stack Vs. The World was very cool.

I don't think things will really change all that much. I'll still post interesting links and comments. It is just that if posting a couple more links means I won't have enough time to type up something interesting, then maybe those links aren't that important when other people already have it covered.

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