Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Vogelein in Waldenbooks and bookstore categories... 

This thread on Sequential Tart started as a response to someone ranting about bookstores not being good for comics and brought up some interesting issues. First of all Jane Irwin said that the first order from Waldenbooks for her GN was greater than all sales from the DM. There is also some interesting discussion on how comics should be organized in a bookstore environment. Personally I like the idea of keeping comics together (not mixing with prose), but subdividing genres or at least age groups inside of it. I expand more on that in the thread itself.

There's also a thread devoted to Vogelein's bookstore push here, which also links to a new interview with her on Ninth Art, where one thing she mentions is that she'll forego pamphlets and go straight to GN for future volumes.

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