Thursday, December 11, 2003

Another manga intimidation stack.. 

Well, you're probably already familar with John's manga stack of intimidation, but Alex at Keromaru has expanded on the concept.

Ultimate Spider-Man TPBs vs. manga digests. Marvel Essentials vs. manga digests, and Shonen Jump versus the Japanese anthology Shonen Ace.

Spidey doesn't stack up so well, but Essentials fairs very well. As for the Shonen anthologies, it is pretty striking. The Shonen Ace stacks up a bit over twice as high as Shonen Jump! Now, Ace's paper isn't as good as Jump's and of course Ace's readership is much larger in Japan, but is still a pretty powerful image. When you consider that readers get huge volumes like that weekly in Japan, it quickly becomes aparant why they put them out for recycling and buy small digests of favorite stories. ;)

Alex, sorry for taking so long to post about this. I figured someone else would see the thread and take up my slack of posting, but oh well.. ;) I hope more people can do comparisons like this. They aren't always entirely fair, but it is a nice way to present information in a visual way...

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