Thursday, December 11, 2003

Blogging again? 

Ok, after that jumpstart, I guess I'll see if I can't get some stuff on here again. First, why the sudden lull? Well, frankly there's been a lot of stuff going on. I plan on building a computer from scratch, and have been doing quite a lot of research (being ignorant to most of the process). I plan to post more about that in a later entry. I've been doing various holiday stuff. I've been trying to work on one of my websites a bit (4 months since I last updated that). It has also been pretty busy at work, making me a bit more tired than usual.

So, those are the excuses. Between all that and reading various blogs and boards online, not a lot of time to actually write. Will it change any time soon? Well, I've been trying to keep track of interesting urls and discussions, and hopefully I can write a bit later today and probably more during the weekend (I tend to write more on weekends, as opposed to most bloggers..heh). So, try to bear with me here. Things will probably be more like usual by the time it gets to January...

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