Thursday, December 11, 2003

Carl Horn predicts the present day comics scene.. 

So, I was flipping through Dreamland Japan from Frederik L. Schodt, and I came across this quote:

Ultimately, in the United States and other countries manga may have had their biggest effect on the publishing system itself. Just as artists have begun to emulate the Japanese style of art, publishers have tried imitating the Japanese system of doing business. Links to animation and movies are being strengthened, as are the rights of creators. Increasingly, thin American-style "comic books" are compiled into paperback book collections and sold through non-traditional channels such as trade book distributers, which gets them into regular bookstores. In an article in the April 1996 edition of Wizard magazine titled "American Manga," writer Carl Gustav Horn even speculated that the growing popularity of Japanese manga might create a renaissance in the otherwise ailing U.S. comics industry.

Wow, so its only taken, what, 6 years for everyone to catch on...

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