Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas Day... 

Woo.. turning out to be a pretty nice day. Seems like I'm one of the few people crazy enough to be blogging on Christmas day, but then again I already had the bigger family getogether on sunday.

This year was light on suprises (going to use funds on computer and pda type stuff), but I did have a couple of fun gifts this morning. Mom got me the third volume of Tuxedo Gin, along with an adorable stuffed penguin that looks a lot like Gin (and wearing a Santa hat and a scarf). I took a picture which I'll have to put online. =) Also got some Spiderman juggling balls (blue/red with a pic of Spidey) and a blue Powerangers type yo-yo. The yo-yo was supposed to make sound, but doesn't seem to. Perhaps that is just as well! But it looks kind of nice and so will join the yo-yo collection.

Other than that... been eating munchies (crackers, cheese ball, snack mix, cheese sticks), some sparkling peach type drink, and of course egg nog. Managed to pull some games out of storage and beat Mom like 5 times in a row at Connect Four. =)

Tomorrow will be a shopping day. Seems like there's a deal at Staples for $25 off of color PDAs and 25% off of accessories. Will probably grab a Tungsten E. May start ordering computer stuff from New Egg then also...

So, Merry Christmas (or whichever holiday you are into)! I hope all is well. =)

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