Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The great sickness... 

Yikes.. if you were wondering why I dropped off the map this time, wasn't from a lack of time. Was more like being hit really hard by the flu. Between aches, chills, fever, congestion, and finally too much time in the bathroom, I think it is finally on the way out. Unfortunately I had taken the friday off this week so I could take a four-day weekend. So this ate up two of my three days. As much as work can be stressful, would much rather work then this mess. You know it is bad when I can't even manage to get online..heh.. Maybe I'll go in on Friday if there is too much work to get done.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get caught up on the various news floating around now...

BTW, right before getting sick, I managed to pick up the first part to my new computer, the case. That was the only thing that was worrying me, really, as it could be a nightmare if it got messed up during shipping from the internet. However, while at Circuit City (looking at video cards), I discovered they carry cases! So, they had the Antec Sonata, ironically the first case I'd really looked at online, along with a $40 rebate. It is pretty nice looking at has a 180W Antec PSU, so I'm happy on that end.

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