Thursday, December 18, 2003

Rising stars keep on rising.. 

OK, I've mentioned a couple of times about Lindsay Chibo and how her comic Peach Fuzz got grand prize of the second Rising Stars of manga contest. Two new aspects have come up lately.

First, according to a Tokyopop press release, Peach Fuzz has been green-lighted to become an ongoing full-length comic. It'll be nice to have another family-friendly title out there on the shelves.

Second, ICv2 tells that Tania del Rio will be the new writer and artist of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This seems pretty significant as it is a comic that has been around for many years. It does seem to make sense, as it'd fit into the fact that so much manga is popular with girls, and the style of the cover shot seems to be a hip Paradise Kiss type styling. Still, I wonder how this will fit into the current market of the title. Is Sabrina currently availible at main newstands, or just in the direct market? If just the DM, it could suffer from longtime readers not liking the new style while new one not even see it...

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