Monday, December 15, 2003

XIII where are you? 

Speaking of lost opportunities, Rick mentions something that I noticed a little while ago. A new video game called XIII is out on multiple platforms and is getting good reviews. It is a first-person "shooter" which features cell-shading and comic-style visual sound effects, while also having a pretty in depth storyline. I happened to see a making of special on G4, and that was the first time I heard that it is actually based on a comic, a French BD comic. It was interesting listening to the game creators talk about how they incorporated elements of the comic into the game, as well as looking at a bunch of american comics (I think Hellboy was mentioned) as a source of inspiration in methods of visual storytelling.

As Rich says, this is a golden opportunity for someone to license and translate this comic and do some major promotion on it in conjunction with the game. It seems like this and Jeremiah are both examples of French comics making an impact in the US while the source material remains under the radar of most people. At least some Jeremiah comics are out, but it isn't like even most comic fans are aware of them..

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