Saturday, January 24, 2004

Anime party was fun! 

Woo, today was a fun day. Got up around noonish, ate, then we drove up to Northampton first for the yo-yo club and then to the anime after-party that was in conjunction with the anime film festival. I decided to skip the movies themselves as I had two of them on DVD and I've been running a bit tired lately. Doing anime stuff from 10am to 9pm might be pushing it. ;)

So anyway, the party was a lot of fun. We got there around 15 minutes early, and were some of the first people there. Things were still being set up... and there was maybe 15 people there. A decent-sized room with some tables, some white plastic on the wall with a projector hooked up to a computer, and some free popcorn and water near the door. At the moment, music was playing and random images were being projected on the screen in a slide-show type thing. At this point we were still a little nervous as there weren't many people and nothing was really going on. Mostly I looked at the images to see if I could figure out what series they were from as they flashed on the

Then you could tell when the last movie was done playing at the theater across the street, because a ton of people streamed in all at once. By then they were starting to get the other food set up. They had a bunch of (non-meat) sushi for $1 each. That was kind of expensive, so we just got two california rolls with some wasabi and ginger. A nice way to start things off. They also had a bunch of pocky (chocolate, vanilla mousse, strawberry, and chocolate mousse), and later on pizza.

So, for a lot of that time, I was wandering around, asking the cosplayers if I could take their picture (which of course they agreed to). There was some pretty nice costumes in there. Two really fun .Hack ones, Alucard from Hellsing, Wolfwood from Trigun, Luffy from One Piece, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, Lupin and Jigen, Edward from Cowboy Bebop (holding an Ein plushy). Actually, I took a pic for Edward with her disposable, but never got a picture of her. Is a shame since she really fit as the part (and sounded like the dub voice as well), but I think she left early.. But I got picture of just about everyone else I wanted to get. I'll have to put them up eventually. Was fun to finally see some cosplayers in person.

They had a cosplay contest, and the winner was impressive, but I'm still not sure what anime/game she was from. Also a very good singer. Edward sang as well. Lupin and Jigen did a funny bit at the end as if they saw Pops in the audience and ran off. One guy with no costume claimed to be Wolverine.. he did sort of look like Logan..heh. The male .Hack guy went "boing!", which I think must be from some episode of the show, and the female .Hack character really seemed to fit as she was a bouncy sort. Alucard basically got to walk around everywhere with an evil grin..heh. Wolfwood was cool, but lugging around that giant cross everwhere has to be a pain.

Later there was three ladies doing some karaoke and they were actually good, so that was fun. Still later, they had a couple of anime music videos. My favorite was Evangelion to Bohemian Rhapsody (I think it was a cover). I kind of question the wisdom of having a Perfect Blue video in there, but whatever... There was also some anime-inspired artwork taped on the walls done by local people.

So, it was a lot of fun, especially if you're a people-watching kind of person. Lots of enery and a variety of ages, mostly in the teens to 20s, but also older and younger.

Now, I'm sure all the comic people are going, what about Jim Crocker and his appearance with manga? I'm making a whole entry just about that, with pictures!

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