Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Bookscan analysis for 2004 so far... 

Kind of surprised no one has commented on this ICV2 article yet. We've had some sporadic bookscan numbers in the past, but this is pretty interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it looks at the first three weeks of 2004, a fairly clean slate. It also gives a lot of specific information, and covers the recent change to include comic strip collections in the graphic novel list.

Piecing together the information:
#1 Get Fuzzy: Blueprint for Disaster (7,600)
Kenshin 2 (5,600)
Kenshin 1 (5,000)
#5 Alice the Nineteenth 2
#6 Demon Diary 5
#7 Book of Bunny Suicides
#8 Hellsing 1
#9 .hack//SIGN 2
#10 Ai Yori Aoshi
#11 Fake 5 (3,300)
#14 Trigun 1
FLCL 1 (2400)
#16 Boondocks: A Right to be Hostile
#20 LoEG 2
#22 Trigun 2
#24 Batman: Hush
#49 JLA L&J
#56 Sandman: Endless Nights
#86 Watchmen (800)

7 Inuyasha volumes in there somewhere..
Love Hina and Chobits in there somewhere (totalling 1700 and 2000 respectively)

books in Top 25
21 Manga
2 Comic Strips
2 DC

# of books in Top 100
40 Tokyopop
25 Viz
8 DC
7 Andrews McMeel
2+? Dark Horse

I'm not sure how correct some of the stuff is. I mean how can the Kenshin vols be the top two manga and .Hack be third, if Hellsing is above .Hack?? Anyway, the volumes in my main list that just have numbers sold are in a guessed position by me.

Interesting that the first non-strip american collection is at 20th place. Seems like including the strips is pushing stuff down, and LoEG itself has fallen a bit. Dark Horse seems to be doing quite well with Trigun and Hellsing. Seems like Endless Nights may be down a lot (then again maybe a ton of people ordered at Christmas). Interesting that both volumes of Kenshin seem to be selling around the same amount....

I wonder about the Bookscan stats for Elfquest: Wolfrider that Dirk mentioned (846 copies sold). Was it sales or just that past month, or total sales? If it was for that past month, then it might be doing better than Watchmen..heh (but of course Watchmen is really really old by now). If total, then it seems to be struggling even more.. It'll be sad if it doesn't make it. Let's hope it manages to have some legs and pick up steam...

I wish we had real access to the top 100 for GNs instead of trying to peice together stuff like this all of the time. Maybe I'll pull a Rich and say if anyone wants to forward me info. I'll be sure to keep the identity secret.. ;)

Edit: Dark Horse was in the wrong spot...

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