Sunday, January 11, 2004

Broccoli Books Blog 

Just a quick note that one of the newer manga companies around has a blog. Most of their titles don't interest me, but it is still nice that they have a blog. Also, the latest thing coming out (Juvenile Orion) is based on a card game (Aquarian Age) that sounds like it has an interesting concept. Courtesy Gersen:

To make it short, Aquarian Age is a popular japanese card game (think Magic the Gathering) with the cards, mostly reprensenting cute girls, drawned by various well know Artist (CLAMP, Keiji Goto ,etc...)


The basic story (short version)is :

Three groups of girls have fought each other for thousands of years, Arayashiki (Preistress), WIZ-DOM (Wizard and Sorceress) and Darklore (Semi-human beast, Vampire, etc...) on present day begin a new age, the Aquarian Age, where two new female group appear : E.G.O. (Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, etc...) and Eraser (Hostiles Aliens) but also apear a male group : Mind Breakers having ability to control and use the powers of the members of the other groups. (In the game the two player are mind breakers)

Like I said in JO it's the opposite the groups are male and the mind breakers are female. JO was made for female fans of the game.

So, I dunno about the manga, but the game itself sounds kind of interesting to me. Maybe they'll bring it over one of these days...

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