Thursday, January 29, 2004

Dewey's World... 

You ever see a site and feel like you're on a similar wavelength? Making a gallery of people's book collections? An entry about a favorite book cover artist? Eating some Japanese food? A semi-new Sony DSC camera? Zork? Walks in the wilderness? Good stuff... :)

So, I suppose I'll have to send in pics of the books here. 3 full-size cases of fiction, mostly fantasy with some sci-fi. A case of computer books, a case of misc. stuff, a case of cookbooks, a smaller dvd-ish case for manga and comic tpbs, a couple of wall shelves with some paperback novels, some stacks of books on the floor, and various stuff in rubbermaid containers in the cellar. No shortage of books here!

He even is linking to this blog... some day when I update my sidelinks... :)

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