Friday, January 23, 2004

Diamond lists 111 manga for February (and other news) 

Well, Osaka has the list. Usually it always gets posted each month, but I was bored this time and figured I'd write about it. It looks like 111 volumes total coming from 12 different companies. Obviously the most are from Tokyopop (40) and Viz (29) but many of the others are getting decent numbers.

BTW, DH Publishing is of no relation to Dark Horse. They seem to generally publish Japan-related books, and seem to be focusing on the horror books of Hideshi Hino as far as the manga goes. Actually, if you are looking for manga that isn't in a normal "manga style", these might be something to check out. Some of it looks like something out of Johen Vasquez. According to the bio, he's done like 400 books, so they have plenty of material to work with. They actually have a page where you can vote on what title to do next out of a selection of three. BTW, is it just me or does this guy remind you of Mr. Punch?

I may have to pick up DHP's Anime Poster Art book at some point.

Getting back to Diamond, also check out all the 2nd editions that Viz is doing. Ceres, Nausicaa (no excuse not to get it now!), Eva, Ranma, and Video Girl Ai. I'm not sure how much they have left, but they must be getting close to being entirely coverted over to the $10 digests at this point. It is nice to see stuff that I originally passed on or just never got around to coming out at cheaper prices...

In other manga news, akcoll99 gets some confirmation on something I think I remember reading a while back. After Raijin Magazine moved from weekly to monthly (and didn't increase very much in size), people worried that the long series they had would take forever to come out as GNs. Well, it seems like they are pushing ahead with the digests at regular speed. This means that unless the magazine is modified, the digests will get ahead of it. Will be interesting to see if that works out, as it is an odd kind of situation...

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