Sunday, January 11, 2004

Doll from Tokyopop... 

Hmm.. this sounds interesting. While Chobits' robots versus humanity angle seems fairly superficial so far, Doll sounds a bit more like a serious take on the subject:

These haunting tales of human-like androids, called Dolls, range from romantic to tragic, from comic to ironic, and everything in between. In these stories, dolls have an uncanny way of working themselves into the lives of their masters: A woman develops an unusual closeness to doll that will affect her human family from beyond the grave...A man wants to make his doll into the perfect human lover, but discovers that humans are not perfect...A father buys his son a doll to help him get over the death of his mother. Doll provides a firsthand glimpse into the psychology of the human-doll relationship and examines the question of what it means to be truly human.

Of course there is no telling how good it actually is just from a little description like that, but it does sound promising to me. Sometimes I really like these kinds of stories where mostly unrelated daily-life scenes are taken out of a fictional world, if it is done well anyway. Seems like the first volume is out in July, so still a ways to wait...

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