Thursday, January 08, 2004

Ladies and comics... 

I really like this entry from Colleen Coover (courtesy Dirk). A big thing she points out (which I haven't heard anyone else bring up) is a practical reason why guys shouldn't be so quick to dismiss or get mad at the popularity of manga. If ladies are a big portion of the people reading the stuff, then this means they are going to be into comics instead of thinking comics are stupid. For all the guys that are in a relationship where their SO is down on comics or want to find a lady with the same interest, this is a pretty big deal.

Instead of thinking of it as an intrusion into the boys' club, think of the positive that gals are getting into your favorite hobby in record numbers... :)

Update: Another interesting thing is that the entry already has 15 responses, more than some recent posts about gay marriage. Can anyone say nerve hit?

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