Thursday, January 22, 2004

Lain and Apple... 

You know, I haven't watched Serial Experiments: Lain for a while, but it was one of the series that I heard about for long time. One of the first that I downloaded fansubs for online. One of the first that I bought all the DVDs for. I just really like this series. The combination of geeky subject matter and totally atmospheric and abstract feel (in both artwork and music) really clicked with me.

It is on my brain again, because I saw a link for the Relationship between Lain and Apple. I saw this page a long time ago, but forgot all about it. It turns out that a lot of the creators of the show were Mac fans, and so there are tons of various references. Everything from the designs of various computers in the show, to names of things (an OS called Copland), to the voice which says the title of each episode being the "whisper" voice of Apple's text-to-speach engine. There are also a couple of references to NeXT and BeOS thrown in for good measure... :)

That page also links to LainOS, which appears to be an effort to make a real OS incorporating some of the more fantastical parts of Copland as shown in Lain. Seems like it has expanded to try to be a general platform for interfact experimentatin, which is pretty neat. There is stuff to compile, but no gallery yet. I suppose I'll fuss with the stuff after I get Linux going at some point. They also get extra points for getting Pioneer (now Geneon)'s permission to use Lain images on the site!

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