Sunday, January 11, 2004

Links and more links... 

Courtesy of isaacada1, SakuraCon has a good list of links. It covers not just manga but anime, comics, 3d, models, Go, etc. Pretty much most of my hobbies are covered in the list. ;)

Also, he pointed out Manga Bonbons, which is mostly devoted to shonen ai / yaoi (male/male love for ladies) manga, but also a yuri section (female/female love...). The nice thing is that most of the stuff is listed by creator, and they generally list all the works of that creator even if it isn't yaoi/yuri. With a lot of paragraph blurbs and cover images, there's quite a lot of stuff in there.

While rummaging around, I came to the page for Yuuho Ashibe, which shows a series called Crystal Dragon. It looks like a fantasy series that ran from 1982 to at least 2002, and looks really interesting. Information online seems sparse, but it seems to start with a lot of Celtic legends and then has various Greek and other influences in it, and gets to be quite complicated as time goes on. We need more fantasy manga to be licensed!

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