Friday, January 23, 2004

Low-Carb goes commercial + 4-blade razors 

I have to say that this is a pretty interesting entry from Jim Henley. He points out that just as a bazillion foods came out claiming to be "low-fat" even if they weren't healthy for you and still cause weight gain (through stuff like sugar), products are starting to coming out with "low-carb" labels, even if they are still a candy bar.

It is good to be reminded just how far these commercial interests seep into everything and try to manipulate you. One thing that struck me lately is the commercial for a new razor called the Quattro, with *4* blades! I've never used a bladed razor before, but seriously, I doubt 4 blades is much better than 3 or 2. But in order to try to keep money coming in, companies have to keep finding new stuff to keep prices high as costs go down. I did get a new electric razor lately and it seems to be less harsh than my old one (foil instead of lift-and-cut) and you can clean it under water, both of which are nice. But does anyone really need those huge self-cleaning things? Where you have to buy special packs of cleaning fluid every once in a while? As always, go for just what you need, not for the hype...

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