Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Nerd Nation... 

Last night was the first episode of a new show on TechTV called Nerd Nation. This first episode was called Kid Nerd and worked well as an introduction. It was mostly serious, profiling around ten, and looking into their lives as kids. Lots of different people and experiences. Everyone from magician Penn Jillette, to a Simpsons producer, to an action movie scriptwriter, to a striper, to a guy from comic coloring shop Digital Chameleon.

According to the site, it'll be on again tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, so check it out if you get TechTV. A mix of heartbreak and humor, I thought this episode was really well done. I was relatively lucky growing up, but even I can recognize a lot of stuff in here.

It seems like the next episode will focus on aliens and various fandom and conspiracy people, which I have to say isn't so appealing to me, but some of the other upcoming episodes seem interesting. Like a look at Indian call-center people who have to impersonate being from other countries, a whole episode on Todd McFarlane, and the rise of political activists online.

Also, quite the catchy theme song...

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