Monday, January 12, 2004

Ninja Highschool goes manga! 

Of course you're wondering what I'm talking about as NHS was one of the earliest examples of an American comic drawn in a manga style. This time I'm talking about format. Antarctic Press is the latest company to join the move toward cheap digest-sized GNs.

And check out that cover. Aparantly Marvel isn't the only one inspired by Tokyopop's cover design.

So, at $9.99 and 152 B&W pages, this falls right into the new standard that seems to have developed in bookstores. The Mars Import description even refers to it as "Pocket Manga".

I have to say this is really smart of Antarctic Press. The drawing on the cover is really nice and should fit in well with the other stuff that's out there. I'm guessing more manga fans will be willing to flip through this and Runaways than Spider-Man due to the cover styles.

So, I'm really happy to see more and more companies experimenting with this format. I've never actually read Ninja Highschool before, but this will certainly encourage me to take a look...

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