Thursday, January 08, 2004

Pulse selects the Girl as person of the year... 

In the latest issue of the Beat is the following quote:

PERSON OF THE YEAR: THE GIRL She was stuffing HELLSING into her book bag, and buying the latest PEACH GIRL down at Borders…she was reading comics, buying comics, talking about comics with her friends, watching Cartoon Network, and renting DVDs. American manga publishers discovered the little known secret that has fueled every retail boom in history: girls like to shop, and if they spend money, you will make money. An armored division of teenaged girls moved into the once sacrosanct world of comics, and their invasion was not always understood. "A fad" many said…maybe, but this fad has lasted a long time in Europe, where it's seriously crimped sales of traditional European comics. The Girl is here to stay, although due to her native habitat being a different time zone from Homo comicus actual sightings will remain uncommon.

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