Friday, January 02, 2004

Sequential Tart turns 5 and evolves... 

Congratulation to everyone at the Tart for providing a great mag for so long. From the first time I saw the site, I knew it was something different. =)

They mention that they've decided to change things around. Editors have been shifted around and it sounds like more is on the way. But the most interesting thing to me was this:

On the other hand, we knew that Atsukamashii Onna had started to outlive its time. Manga (and anime, for that matter) is no longer the marginalized artistic style that it used to be. Manga is, in general, outselling comics at mainstream bookstores, and the manga style has crept its way into both mainstream and indy comics. For many people, manga is as much of their comics diet as anything from the "Big Three" American publishers. The idea of having a separate section for manga and anime seems to be a quaint coinceit from a different time — one that was appropriate then, but certainly isn't so now. Comics and manga are both sequential art, and with that, we're putting the two together and starting the new year with a cohesive, integrated 'zine.

That is quite a statement and I think it describes what I'm starting to see everywhere. I've been happy to see them cover manga/anime in any context, but the difference in outlook is pretty significant, and shows they really understand what's going on. So, I say good show! You've always seemed a bit further ahead of the curve than others...

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