Thursday, January 29, 2004


By the way.. blogging is kind of short again since I'm a bit worn out. Seems like the last couple of weeks has had several projects come up suddenly with short deadlines. Plus, found out from someone today that some sort of heat converter might be messed up in the heating system possibly sending carbon (dioxide? monoxide?) into the building. That can't be good..

Been trying to chill out, reading some blogs, watching anime music videos, watching some TV, etc. I might even get a second (third?) wind and stay up too late (like now), but just don't feel up to writing anything insightful..

There's stuff I really want to write about too. The infamous Jump thing (can't live up to the hype by now..heh), responding to a great article Dirk linked to about dissolving comic boundaries, maybe some thoughts on decompression, and other stuff I'm forgetting about. Maybe I can get caught up later on this week.....

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