Monday, January 19, 2004

Topselling comics and GNs of 2003 

Comicbookresources has up an article calculating the top 100 comics and graphic novels for 2003. Some pretty interesting stuff in there.

The publisher breakdowns I find interesting in that things have changed even from the average of the year. With A. D. Vision at the bottom, they moved up quite a bit, along with Tokyopop going up two places. I'm pretty sure Oni Press has risen at the end of the year as well.

The top 100 comics is scary as ever. 98 of them are superhero stuff, and the only two that aren't are nostalgia properties (one transformers and one transformers/g.i. joe). Marvel sure has done well with the Ultimate line! A full 39 of the hundred were Ultimate titles. Also, New X-Men manages to appear 15 times on its own. For all the critisism that these new titles had when they first launched, they seem to be raking in tons of money for Marvel.

A much healthier split of titles in the GNs, IMO. Sandman is still king, however. Besides Endless Nights at third place, Death: At Death's Door comes in a 5th (the little volume that could!), and the first four Sandman volumes also manage to appear on the list, despite being quite old now. Taken as a whole, 15 volumes of Ultimate titles on there. The highest manga seems to be Lone Wolf and club (vol 28!) at 13th place, and Trigun making a strong showing at 22nd. Interestingly, besides Trigun and Hellsing from DH, all the other manga is in the middle of the respective series. Hellboy manages two TPBs, but it seems stronger lately as opposed to the average, probably because of the movie's hype.

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