Thursday, January 08, 2004

Various TV stuff... 

Saw a couple of interesting things tonight. First up was an interview with the two guys that run the site Homestar Runner on Pulse on G4. Was pretty cool to see the voice of Strong Bad and see that it is still just a little tiny operation. :)

There was also a brief interview with Stan Lee about the Hulk. I can never remember who actually invented what, so I'm not sure if Stan was taking more credit than he deserved for the origins of the Hulk?

I caught the tail end of an episode of the Chapelle Show, and it was a pretty funny bit about this racist Klan author. The twist is that he's blind and grew up in an isolated environment. It turns out he's black, but the people raising him thought it'd be easier if they just told the kids that were black that they were white since no one would know the difference anyway. It ends up that his writings are important to the movement, so they make sure he is masked for any physical appearances. It is all done in the form of a news expose and was pretty biting.. I need to catch some more of this show..

That was followed by the Daily Show which I've managed to miss for quite a few months now. This episode was spot on and Jon Stewart seemed more comfortable and in control than I remember. Some funny bits on mad cow and the mars landing (including a correspondant claiming to be covering the story directly from mars but obviously is faking it all, even forgetting the time lag half-way through and trying to cover). Also a quick interview with Elijah Wood (my main reason for watching since Mom wanted me to tape the interview). I really need to start watching the Daily Show again....

Last but not least, some South Park. Since when is Kenny back? In any case, a pretty funny episode about fads, with everyone being influenced by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and becoming "metrosexual" (is that a real term?). Not the best SP episode by far, but still some good stuff in there. Especially Kyle being beat up and ostracised, not for being Jewish, but instead for not acting gay enough. And Mr. Garrison having to go to Chef to get advice on what to do when people take your culture.. ;)

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