Saturday, January 10, 2004

Young Jump's website in English... 

While doing a search for something, I cam across the official site for Young Jump in English. It turns out this is an anthology for young men, and it is interesting in that they list all the series currently running, along with information on the authors and small galleries.

It is pretty interesting to see the variety of titles. Everything from Real (involving wheelchair basketball, by the same author as Vagabond and Slam Dunk), to a mystery, to a story involving curry (along with recipes!), to gag strips, to comedy, to motorbikes, to boxing, to romance, mixed with news and photo spreads of girls in swimsuits. Also aparantly codes to download ringtones..

Pretty interesting stuff. A couple of links on the series page go to the wrong page, so you'll have to type the name into the url or go by the author page instead for those cases. But it is pretty cool that the official site is also in english, even if some of the wording is pretty rough.. ;)

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