Thursday, February 12, 2004

Different perspectives... 

Been busy the last couple of days, so not much stuff to post.. However, I found this to be pretty funny, in regards to DC's new CMX Manga line:

From TheRay on Newsarama:
And am I the only one who sees this as a "gateway drug" toward other comics/trades? A kid could see the DC logo on one of these manga titles and may spark an interest in other DC stuff (i.e., "brand name recognition").

Sounds like another step toward getting more young readers toward the great comics out there that they SHOULD be reading! :)

From akcoll99 on AoDVD:

It would be nice if DC could get more manga into comic stores and get some comic fans reading manga. The store I go to has done pretty well with selling manga, but the owner and most of the older/longtime comic readers just kind of sneer and make fun of manga, saying that it's just a fad and will disappear by year's end. I'm not sure where the animosity or jealousy stems from, but a name like DC behind the titles could maybe change their opinions some.

Well, for the record, it'd be cool if it caused BOTH sides to read the other side. ;)

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