Friday, February 13, 2004

Manga gets prime retail space at B&N 

I don't know if this is happening across all the Barnes & Nobel stores (I'll have to check locally), but shadowspawn in this thread noticed a change:

An observation about manga that's intertwined with all this.

I stopped at Barnes and Noble today to pickup a Japanese-English dictionary (and I picked up this issue of Time was I was there -- "cute but lethal", hee-hee-heeeeeee).

Anyway, blocking the front of the single file line that you wait in for the next available cashier, they had setup a "MANGA!" display (their shouting, not mine), with eight different manga volumes in it -- Fruits Basket, Suki, A.I. Love You, and 5 others I can't remember.

This is some of THE most prime, valuable real estate in the whole big store, where people are forced to stand for a minute or two and stare at something in front of them. They usually reserve this space for big-time merchandise, like books written by the Clintons.

I thought this exposure of manga in Barnes and Noble was pretty interesting....

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