Saturday, February 21, 2004

Off to Boston for a juggling convention... 

Well, maybe I won't get as much blogging done this weekend as I thought I would! Thanks to the jugglers at UMass for giving me a ride (and people in the #yo-yo chatroom for encouraging me to go) to TerrierFest 2004, a juggling convention at Boston University.

It sounds like it should be a lot of fun and will get to meet some people for the first time and others I haven't seen for quite a while. Eric Girardi was the first yo-yoer I ever met in person and we haven't managed to hook up for a while now, so it'll be cool to see him. Alan Batangan will be there, who was always kind of a personal idol as he was one of the cool THP people but was also left-handed.. ;) Haven't seen Daman in quite a while, and will be meaing frc and others for the first time.

I'm one of those people that frequently doesn't make it to things like this (if all goes well, I'll actually be attending the world yo-yo championships this year in Orlando, Florda this year too!).

So, I'll be bringing yo-yos, diabolo, poi, jitter rings, astro jax, balls, meteor, etc. Hopefully I'll manage to learn some new stuff inbetween hanging out and watching the shows. :)

I'll also be bringing my camera, so maybe I'll have some cool pictures to post as well. Then again, I'll probably forget to take too many of them.. ;)

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