Friday, February 06, 2004

Princess Ai a more interesting collaboration than we thought... 

For those of you that have been keeping track, there is a manga coming out called Princess Ai which was co-created by singer Courtney Love (the other co-creator being DJ Milky). It also was said to have character designs by Yazawa Ai, the popular creator of Paradise Kiss.

That left a lot of stuff up in the air. Why was Courtney doing this? Who was actually drawing and/or writing the series itself? Most people also assumed that this would just be a manga-ish title produced purely for the American market. Now, we finally have a lot of clarifications.

First up, how did Courtney get involved? You might assume it was an executive's idea but Tokyopop has this to say:

...it is a little known fact that before her meteoric rise to fame she lived and performed in Japan and became a huge manga fan ... which of course has now led to the creation of her fantasy alter-ego, Princess Ai.

As for it just being a US publication? That is wrong.. it ends up it is actually coming out in a Japanese anthology first! The anthology is Wings, and you can go to a page about the lastest issue here to see an image (the top one).

The last name is now in place and it turns out Misaho Kujiradou is the person actually doing the manga. She is doing the art and I presume writing the issues themselves (as Courtney/Milky are always referred to as creators and not writers). Her page is here, with a big picture of Princess Ai on the homepage.

Many thanks to everyone on AoDVD for posting the various urls containing the info.

BTW, Misaho is aparantly a Super Dolphy fan, and how cool is that? More on Dolphies another time... ;)

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