Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Adrian Tomine teams with Yoshihiro Tatsumi 

Poster bctarismentions that Tomine and Chris Oliveros (publisher of Drawn & Quarterly) will work together to design and edit a multi-volume collection of Tasumi's work.

Lots of good information thrown in from other posters to the thread. Aparantly the last issue of Pulp was devoted to Tatsumi, and a bit has been published, but his work is more widely known in France.

Carl Horn gives a description of Tatsumi's work:

His manga stories tend to conclude with characters having just ruined their life or ended it. Bitter laughter, locked in a jail cell, moving through a crowd in anonymous guilt, crowds gathering around your suicided corpse.

Imagine the grey, beaten-down people you see walking down the street in the background of JIN-ROH, grab a few of them, hand them a few pages of script from LOVE HINA, and tell them to improv the rest from there. You'll end up with Tatsumi, and you'll begin to see how "gekiga" once raged to swing like a lead sap into Tetsuwan Atom's tummy.

Sounds interesting, though I think I'd have to be in the right mood for something like that...

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