Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Blog with Blogger or move to Movable Type? 

Woo.. fun with titles. ;) Anyway, I am thinking that I'd like to consolidate some of my sites together. While it'd be perfectly possible to have Blogger ftp to another site instead (leaving this up with some sort of redirect?), I'm wondering if I should try out something else. The hosting site I'm using supports perl, php, and mysql and is known to work with Movable Type, which I know a lot of people use. The benefits I see would be not relying on a third party site (even though Blogger seems pretty reliable), the fact that it has search engine and keyword capabilities, and that there seem to be a lot of windows and pda clients that support adding and editing entries without the web interface (which is faster and some support offline entry).

Any opinions from someone who has used both? Also, what about other software that might be out there? I know there is stuff like PHPNuke, which seem more geared toward news but maybe would work for blogging as well? Any competitors to Movable Type around?

Update: And what about Wordpress?

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