Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Del Rey goes for quality... 

ilaughead has posted Del Ray's latest e-mail newsletter and it sounds quite good. First of all, the notice on the cover warning about content (originally the were going to edit the content) is actually a sticker and it basically says 16+ and mature content (originally it was going to say something like Explicit Scenes.. which was way too strong wording).

But the other thing is that they'll be translating sound effects and having cultural notes at the back, both of which I support.

Not only that, but it sounds like they'll be trying to concentrate on a couple of titles at first instead of trying to shove tons of stuff out the door. I think all of the above really bode well for the company's approach. They've listened to fan and retail issues and seem like they aren't overextending themselves. I'm not too too interested in most of the titles they have announced at the moment, but I may check out XXXHolic since I really like what I've seen of the style so far...

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