Tuesday, March 23, 2004

FCBD Excitement... 

You know, in previous years I never got around to actually getting any of the Free Comic Book Day titles, but this year there looks to be some really interesting titles. Barry Ween which I've heard a lot of good comments about, Bill & Ted, Teen Titans, Boneyard, Amelia Rules, and even Del Ray is getting into the act with some manga offerings. There's also a lot of smaller companies I haven't heard of before like Keenspot and Silicon Times.

The sense of diversity to these titles is great, and I wish that there was a bit of the same feel in the charts and most shops... Hopefully we'll get a lot of people visiting the shops for this FCBD as it seems like there'll be something for everyone. I had the impression in previous years that it was mostly cheapo one-shots from DC/Marvel, but this list has definitely changed my mind..

One possible dark spot. One of the posters to the corresponding thread points out that while the day might be coordinated with the Spider-Man movie, it is also the day before the 4th of July. With so many people traveling for the holiday or setting up for parties, will people really think to visit their local comic shop??

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