Wednesday, March 24, 2004

GIMP Turns 2.0 

Wow.. this was certainly a surprise. After looking at some open source sites, I decided to check on the GNU Image Manipulation Program, and it finally has a new version out as of yesterday!

For those that haven't heard of it before, GIMP is a powerful free Photoshop-like program. It already had a lot of good features in the 1.2 version but it looks like this release has given it a lot more polish in regards to interface and handling of text and paths, along with many other improvements.

While it doesn't have all the features that the newest Photoshop versions do (it has layer modes but not the editable layer effects), there is tons of plug-ins and a powerful scripting engine. Can even use it for real-time image manipulation on a web server.

Oh, did I mention it works not only on Linux, but also Windows and OS X? It doesn't look like the windows installer is quite up yet, but probably by tomorrow. Definitely check GIMP out before shelling out a ton for PS.

Update: While the page hasn't been updated, the windows installer is now online (but be sure to get the GTK+ 2.2 installer also).

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