Saturday, March 27, 2004

Manga Academy's winning entries online.. 

If you hadn't heard, an online site for helping to draw has had a contest running. If I'm remembering correctly (where is this info. on the site??), the winner will get their title translated to Japanese and they'll get flown out to the Comiket convention in Japan (largest comic convention in the world) to have their own table to sell it.

Well, the winner and two runner ups are online. You can read the entire entries at the bottom of the slideshow page. Money and Tug of War are both RTL direction BTW, probably to help with the later transition...

Anyway, I thought there were pretty nicely done, especially being short stories from unknown authors. Money is a crime story of someone in over their head, with a twist. Nice artwork with a pretty western style. This wouldn't look out of place in an indy anthology IMO, and Pazz is a pretty interesting character...

Pink tackles the topic of abortion. I think the last page of exposition isn't necessary, but you can't say there isn't a statement being made... Nice to see this topic being addressed at least..

Tug of War involves girlfriend versus basketball battling over the heart of a star player. A bit generic, but I like how it plays out in the end.

Go check 'em out! :)

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