Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Manga in Entertainment Weekly 

gpn has this to say:

Looks like Entertainment Weekly magazine has recognized the burgeoning manga market. In the March 19th issue in their "Listen 2 This" section (which I believe is a subscribers only section) the page usually devoted to comic book reviews features all manga. First there's a short article that talks about the new-found manga popularity and attributes this in part to the wide variety of genres available. Then, three short reviews are given: Rurouni Kenshin (A-), The Ring (B+), and Joan Book 1 (A-). Hopefully this taste of manga is not a one time deal and manga reviews will be regularly featured.

Very cool.. I really want to pick up Joan one of these days. A very intriguing concept (several years after the death of Joan of Arc, has another girl been chosen?), and done entirely in color with nice artwork. This is another title that people not into the usual manga fare should give a try...

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