Sunday, March 07, 2004

Oh boy... 

From this Academy X thread:

Personally, I prefered the concept of the current New Mutants title. It was nice to see a school with mutants with no expectation of them putting on costumes and fighting Mr Sinister or whoever.


...Yeah, but the X-Men are mainstream superheroes. They're supposed to put on the underwear and go out and fight the bad guys. Having them sit around in normal clothes and discuss things like boys and zits and the latest Britney Spears whinings is...well, if you want nothing but boring, normal shit like that, I hear Archie comics always need new readers.

For all of me agreeing in my previous entry about Marvel probably not being the place we should aspire to find diversity in that other entry, I'm sure we can spare a little bit of different concepts??? Oh well, nice artwork anyway..

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