Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Salaries of manga creators... 

WaiWai strikes again with this article on manga wages. It points out the regular suspects.. creators get a wage for the anthology work, but the real money to be made is of digest releases. As well as the fact that frequently money has to be split with assistants..

What is neat is the specifics given. Translating to US dollars, an unknown makes around $65-75 per page. A moderately successful one at around $185 a page, and a veteran at $450 per. It also mentions that the bigger names can get over $900 a page.

However, an assistant might be paid around $1,800 a month, obviously quickly eating into the profits...

Interesting stuff...

[from this thread by Andrew]

Update: Also, in the thread Carl Horn notes that many creators also supplement their income by selling doujinshi (amateur comics) at conventions like Comiket, where a topselling doujinshi might make as much as $45,000US.

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